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Property Management Greensboro NC

When it’s time to get the most out of your rental property, SLT Properties -Property management Greensboro NC is here for you. Offering property management services in North Carolina, our professional staff is here to help you maximize your income without interrupting what you do on a daily basis.

Who is SLT Properties?

SLT Properties is a real estate brokerage firm licensed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. We specialize in managing single family homes, condominiums and town homes as well as multi-unit sites, smaller commercial properties and Greensboro NC rental homes. SLT Properties currently provides services in the greater Greensboro area of North Carolina. Our aim is to provide safe, quality housing for qualified tenants and care free property management services for property owners. We will always strive to provide the best service to tenants and owners with the highest integrity.

Our dedicated team of rental agents frequently work with property owners in North Carolina who do not have the resources or time to handle the day-to-day operations of a real estate investment. As professional property managers, we know that your property is a valuable asset and we manage it as if it were our own. We focus on protecting your investment by reducing your expenses and maximizing your profit. We do this by attracting and retaining quality tenants to help ensure long-term occupancy and a steady return on your investment.

2414 sqft
4 Beds

2 Baths
1 Half Baths

1985 Year built

2 Car Garage


2000 sqft
3 Beds
2 Baths
1 Half Baths
2006 Year built
2 Car Garage


2146 sqft
4 Beds

2 Baths
1 Half Baths

1989 Year built


Property Types

At SLT Properties, we service a variety of properties throughout the Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem region of North Carolina. If you are a property owner looking for managed services, we are ready and willing to work with you whether you own:
-Single Family Homes
-Multi-Unit Sites
-Smaller Commercial Properties

Our Management Services

As a full-service company, our staff offers top property management options for investment properties, including:
-Residential Property Management
-Commercial Property Management

Once you decide to work with us, the process can be completely hands off for you or we can customize our services for you. You get to lead a stress-free, happy life while we deal with all aspects of your rental property or we can find a tenant for you and you do the rest or something in between.

Minimal Maintenance: SLT Properties minimizes costs through a reliable and cost-effective maintenance program. Through our maintenance program, the owner can have as much or as little control as they wish. We achieve this through setting a dollar limit before they are contacted. This allows us to deal with minor repairs and maintenance issues. This means that we can stay within your budget without disturbing your routine.

Choosing Rental Rates: One of the hardest things for property owners to do is accurately price their place. The most important part of filling a vacant property is finding the right rate. This is essential to attracting qualified tenants. Too high a rate comparable to similar properties will lead to high vacancy. Too low a rental rate, and you could lose out on monthly income. This is where we come in. The staff at SLT Properties studies the market every single day. We will set the best rental price for your property that ensures you find the ideal balance between ideal monthly income and low vacancy rates.

Marketing Services: As a professional property marketing firm, we are continually marketing your rental property throughout the Triad area. Our marketing efforts are designed to ensure your property stands above the crowd. With proper marketing solutions and systems in place, our staff always finds the ideal approach to ensure your property is marketed efficiently and effectively.

Full-Proof Legal Solution: Landlords and property management companies must abide by a variety of laws, rules, and regulations when running a rental. Our dedicated staff has years of experiences to make sure no laws are broken when renting your property. You can rest assured knowing your property will run smoothly when working with us. We strive to stay in compliance and have a dedicated legal team to quickly sort out any issues that may arise.

Tenant Management Service: Our goal is to keep your tenants happy. We know a good landlord and tenant relationship is the key towards a low-stress life for you. We keep residents happy while you relax. Our professional, experienced property management team is ready to handle any and all tasks that arise. From move ins, move outs, day-to-day issues, repairs, and more – we are here to handle everything.

Maximize Profits: Overall, the goal of our property management services is to ensure you make more money without any hassle. If you are ready to maximize your profits while minimizing stress levels and time spent managing your property, then you have come to the right place. That is what we do at SLT Properties.

Why Work With SLT Properties?

As a residential property management company, SLT Properties we understand that this process can be both time consuming and demanding. Finding the right tenants for your house rentals can be frustrating. To deal with all aspects of property management you need an expert with a proven track record. SLT Properties has that track record and expertise you need, so contact us today to discuss your options.

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your rental properties in Greensboro, NC, property management in High Point NC or Triad property management– our staff looks forward to helping you achieve your rental goals through property management services designed to serve you. When it is time to take your rental property off your hands and turn on the passive income stream, SLT Properties is ready to help you.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your property management or rental home needs. Work with the property management pros!