Why Is Property Staging Important?
Posted on March 25, 2022 by slt in Property Management Company

Why Is Property Staging Important

Staging rental properties for potential tenants is an increasingly common strategy among realtors, but since this trend has risen, many have wondered why is property staging important? When looking to pull in prospective tenants, especially in a competitive market, sometimes you need a distinct edge to make you stand out that much more. Staging a rental property is a perfect way to not only achieve this, but benefit from other factors that come into play as a result of staging. 

To ensure that your property is ready to catch the eyes of potential renters, here are some staging rental property tips to consider before, during, and after your time on the market.

Staging Rental Properties

Unlike staging for sale, where homeowners often have to significantly alter a property to allow for creativity by the new prospective buyers, landlords who are staging rental properties are given a little more freedom to stage their property as they please. This way, landlords can present their property as move-in ready, making the decision easier for potential tenants. Landlords can also create a “homely” sense in their property, which is easier to appeal to renters rather than buyers.

Some key benefits provided by staging rental properties include:

  • Attracting Ahead of Time – Since searching for rental properties often begins online, having photos of a staged rental property will stand out from competition in listings, and help draw in prospective tenants for scheduled showings.
  • Setting the Tone – Staging a rental property helps to set the tone for potential tenants right off the bat. For tenants, seeing a property that is already move-in ready makes them that much more willing to sign a lease. Proper staging can also showcase specific appeals and various uses of a property, such as good spaces for children, cooking, and hobbies.
  • Reducing Turnover and Vacancy Rates – Rental staging also helps attract tenants who are looking for a long-term rental property, therefore reducing turnover and vacancy rates.
  • Increasing Home Value in the Eyes of Tenant – For prospective tenants, seeing a property staged can lead them to find more value in the property itself, and further draws them in if the property is used as an investment method.

Staging Rental Properties

How to Stage a Property For Rent

Landlords should always evaluate their property in great detail long before putting it on the market, to specifically identify their strong points, selling points, and weaknesses. From there, it makes staging the property significantly easier, as they can then cater to these points and know what to either focus on, or avoid. Here are some tricks to staging a rental listing:

  • Clean!

    – This tip isn’t just advised, but nearly mandatory. Nothing is quite the immediate turn off as an unclean property, and if you stage a space that looks dirty, unkempt, unorganized, and disheveled, prospective tenants are significantly less likely to sign a lease.

  • Analyze Your Flaws and Weak Points

    – While this may already be accomplished when you originally evaluate your property, it’s important to take it a step further and analyze these weaknesses to see how you can fix them, if possible. If a weak point is something in need of repair or maintenance, don’t hesitate to fix or schedule a fix before staging. This way, you can be on top of what needs to be done, and have an answer if a potential renter questions one of these points.

  • Curb Appeal

    – Since the exterior of a property is the first thing a potential renter will see, it’s crucial to make sure that the outside, whether it’s greenery, walkways, front doors, or sidings, are in quality shape, so that first impression is even more productive.

  • Keep it Neutral

    – Personalization is fine when staging a property, but over-personalization can be a turn off. Avoid bringing your own interests into a staging, and keep things neutral that will work for the general interest of renters.

  • Fix the Simple Things

    – Whether it’s a leaky sink, a faulty outlet, or something that can be fixed for relatively cheap, make sure to take care of those things ahead of time. Not only does this help draw in tenants, but it shows your efforts as a landlord to keep the property up-to-date and working as it should.

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