What To Do When Your Landlord Says No Dogs Allowed?
Posted on December 10, 2020 by slt in Rental Property Management, Renter's Information

What To Do When Your Landlord Says No Dogs Allowed?

When Your Landlord Says No Dogs Allowed

Finding the perfect rental property can be quite difficult, especially when your landlord says no dogs allowed.

While landlords can make the rules when it comes to their property, there are plenty of reasons they should consider allowing pets before putting their foot down.

Reasons Landlords Should Allow Pets In Rentals 

We understand the challenges pet owners face, so we’ve gathered a list of of the top 4 reasons landlords should consider changing their stance:

  1. Larger pool of tenantsAllow Pets In Rentals
    According to an Apartments.com survey, more than 75% of renters have pets, and at least 60% of these renters struggle to find a pet-friendly property. This means that landlords are missing out on a number of potential quality tenants. Not only would allowing pets provide the landlord with a larger pool of applicants, but it could make their listing very popular among pet-owners.
  2. Long-term tenants
    While landlords may be concerned about the potential damage that pets can cause, one of the biggest benefits of allowing pets in a rental property is the very likely chance that pet-owners will end up renewing their lease. It’s much easier to have one reliable tenant for a long time, rather than short-term tenants who are in and out, leaving the landlord in a stressful situation.
  3. Premium rent
    Pet-owners are willing to pay higher monthly fees if landlords allow them to rent. It’s important to note that this monthly fee is different from a general pet deposit, which is only paid if pets damage the property. This added flow of money is non-refundable, and can help landlords make unprecedented savings—just for allowing pets in rentals.
  4. Responsible Renters
    Looking after a pet, especially a dog, requires a great deal of time, attention, and effort. And if the tenants can take care of their pets, they’ll surely take good care of the property. 

Implementing a Pet Policy for a Rental Property 

Pet Policy For Rental Property

Having a clear pet policy in the lease agreement is important to maintain a positive tenant-owner relationship. It helps create clear boundaries and set expectations for what should be considered acceptable indoor pet behavior.

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