What To Ask A Property Manager?

What To Ask Triad Property Managers?

Tenants must rely on property managers for a myriad of services, so when choosing your ideal place to live, be sure you’re armed with a list of questions for your Piedmont Triad property managers that’ll help you get a better understanding of what they can provide you, and what sort of value they add to your living experience. Property management companies are not created equally, nor do they operate equally. Meaning, as a tenant, you have quite a bit of due diligence to perform when selecting a place to live.

Once you’ve found a place you like, try searching for rental companies in Greensboro, NC (or anywhere in the Triad area) and you’ll start getting an idea of what to expect from your management group. Compile a list of questions you plan on asking them upon move-in, or even before transitioning. These questions should encompass a wide range of topics: rent prices, utility coverage, maintenance services, owner retention rates, and even average occupancy rate.

While there are potentially hundreds of follow-up questions, those are the major areas that will help you the most when deciding if your home’s management team are professionals. It’s all about finding some quality real property management. Greensboro, NC is part of a larger Triad system, and as such, you can expect there to be tons of different property management organizations. Each will offer something different, so below we’ve compiled some more generalized questions that’ll help you get started.

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  1. 1. How Much Is Rent?
  2. 2. What Kind of Utilities(if any) Are Included in the Rent Price?
  3. 3. Which Utilities Do I Have to Pay For?
  4. 4. How Do You Provide Access to Electrical, Water, Sewage, and Gas?
  5. 5. What Sort of Maintenance Services Are Provided?
  6. 6. How Much Are the Application/Administrative Fees?
  7. 7. Will You Be Entering the Home At Any Point?
  8. 8. Can I Make Changes/Alterations to the Property?
  9. 9. What Sort of Properties Do You Currently Manage?



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If you’re searching for Piedmont Triad homes for rent, make sure the property management company running that home represents other, similar properties. This would be someone who knows how to take care of actual homes and has the resources to provide assistance if needed. When mentioning their application fees, make sure you ask them about processing, administrative, and move-in costs, too.

Utilities are an extremely important factor to discuss with your home’s management representative. For the most part, utility coverage will vary from manager to manager, so making sure you understand what is included with rent, and what’s not, should be at the top of your question sheet. Oftentimes, you’ll typically need to pay for electrical, water/sewage, gas, and cable.

Drill them on how well they know the housing market. There are major differences between managing multi-family and single-family homes for rent in Greensboro, NC. Both of these home types belong to vastly different markets and taking care of them, and their residents, require different skill sets and knowledge. It’s perfectly fine to ask them about their properties to get an idea of their past experiences.

Finally, when you’ve gotten through the guts of the interview, ask them about the property, itself. Sometimes, management companies will need to gain access to your property for any number of reasons—maintenance, inspection, etc. Make sure you know every scenario so that nobody enters your home uninvited. This would also be a good time to ask them about making changes to the home, like painting, redecorating, or any other additions.


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Our management team is more than prepared to answer any of those questions, and more. Using competitive market analysis, we’ll give you competitive rental prices, coupled with our area specialization in home rentals. We have the right experience and the best agents.

This is some of the best property management Winston-Salem, NC–and the rest of the Triad area—has to offer. Contact one of our management specialists today, and ask us your questions now!