How to Create the Perfect Rental Resume

Posted on September 20, 2022 by Rental Property in Rental Property Management
Rental Resume

The process of applying for a rental home or apartment can be an extremely competitive endeavor, which is why creating a perfect rental resume is always a good idea for any applicant. Much like an employment resume for a job, a rental resume can help you stand out among other applicants and is a reliable way for landlords to get a clear understanding as to who they are renting their property to beyond their standard screenings. This not only helps potential tenants in a big way, but it also allows landlords to get a detailed look at a person’s qualifications and why they are the best candidate for a rental unit. 

Since choosing the most trustworthy and qualified candidate who will take care of the property is the highest priority for any landlord, a rental resume is truly a win-win for both sides. Still, there are some do’s and don’ts when creating this document, so let’s explore how to make a rental resume that will shine a positive light on your candidacy.

Use This Rental Resume Template

Before diving into what makes the best rental resume template, it’s important to understand why these qualifications matter in the first place. Landlords will always be looking for candidates who have responsible financial habits, which can be gathered from employment and credit history that are both clearly outlined in a resume. In turn, these qualified tenants are much more likely to pay their rent on time, follow the rules outlined by a lease, maintain the unit with integrity, and report issues in a timely manner. Trust is a huge factor in the landlord/tenant relationship, and a well-thought-out resume can back that trust tenfold.

So what constitutes a solid rental resume template? Here is everything you should be looking to add to a resume when applying for a rental property, and in the order that you should be organizing this information:

1) Name and Contact Information

Just like a header on an employment resume, you should always begin by providing any pertinent contact information. The main info you should add is your name, current address, phone number, and email address. It’s also important to note that under the Fair Housing Act, no applicant will ever need to provide information regarding their race, nationality, sex/gender, religion, familial status, or disability on a rental resume. Keep this header short, simple, and to the point.

2) Objective

An objective should be a one- to three-sentence statement that outlines your desired goals when renting a property. It should explain why you are a qualified and trustworthy candidate, as well as what you’re looking for in a rental and how long you wish to rent the property. 

3) Tenant Background

A tenant background will help landlords learn extra information about a candidate that will help in the selection process. Consider it a tiny blurb or an inside look into who you are without getting too detailed. Personalize it to make yourself unique, and add relevant content such as your employment, education, desired roommates, pets, and other details about yourself that will help build a degree of understanding with a landlord.

4) Employment History

You do not have to add your employment history to your tenant background description, but if that’s the case, it’s recommended that you create another section with this information. Showcasing your present and past employment will always be important for a strong rental resume, as it shows that you have working experience, an adequate income, and stability when paying rent. 

5) Rental History

Similar to an employment history, a rental history will detail any previous rental properties where you were a tenant. Include bulleted information about your previous properties, and be sure to add the address, your previous landlord’s name and contact information, the length of time at the property, and the rent amount. It’s also advised to add why you left this property.

6) References

To further showcase that you will be a good tenant, rental resume templates should have space to include some references of people who can back that claim. While you can certainly add a letter of recommendation in your application, you should still add the name, relation, and contact information of the person who is referencing you.

7) Additional Documents Available Upon Request

Some free rental resume templates that you find online may not have this section, but it doesn’t hurt to list some documents that you can make available upon request. These can include letters of recommendation, as well as supporting documents that detail your financial consistency and reliability.

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