Sunny Days & Property Upkeep: Essential Summer Rental Property Maintenance Tips for Landlords

Posted on April 28, 2023 by Rental Property in Rental Property Management
Rental Property Maintenance

When the warm rays of summer start shining, it’s not just about beach days and barbecues. It’s also the perfect time for rental property maintenance for landlords and property management teams. Ensuring that rental properties are in top shape is a priority for any successful property manager, and the summer season presents an optimal time to get ahead on essential maintenance tasks. 

With the longer daylight hours and generally drier weather, proactive summer maintenance can help you prevent costly repairs down the line and ensure your tenants are comfortable and safe. 

HVAC System Maintenance

The HVAC system is one of the essential components of any rental property. As the weather heats up, you’ll want to ensure your air conditioning units function correctly. This starts with scheduling professional inspections and servicing, ideally before the summer heat hits in full force. 

Cleaning or replacing air filters is also necessary, as dirty filters can reduce efficiency and cause system breakdowns. Lastly, ensuring proper ventilation and airflow throughout your property can help to reduce energy costs and create a more comfortable living environment for your tenants. 

Exterior Maintenance

The exterior of your property is the first impression your tenants and potential tenants have of your rental property. Summer is a great time for rental property maintenance to inspect and repair the roof, clean gutters and downspouts, and maintain landscaping and irrigation systems.

Power washing exterior surfaces not only adds to the curb appeal of your property but also can prevent mold and mildew buildup. Don’t forget about maintaining outdoor amenities like pools and patios. With tenants more likely to use these areas in the summer, it’s essential they are clean, safe, and ready for use. 

Pest Control

Summer also brings out a variety of pests that could invade your property. Regular inspections for signs of infestation are critical to keeping these unwanted guests at bay. Knowledge of common summer pests and effective pest control methods are essential for preventing and handling infestations.

Communicating with your tenants about their responsibilities in this area is also crucial. Letting them know what to look for and encouraging them to report any potential pest problems immediately can help to address issues before they get out of hand.

Safety and Security

Your property’s and its residents’ safety and security should always be a priority in rental property maintenance. Summer maintenance checks should include verifying that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are functioning correctly. 

Outdoor lighting should be inspected and repaired as needed. This not only aids in tenant safety but also enhances the property’s aesthetic appeal in the warm summer evenings. Also, consider evaluating and improving property security measures if necessary. 

Plumbing and Water Systems

The summer season can also be tough on your property’s plumbing and water systems. As part of your rental property maintenance checklist, ensure you check for leaks and repair any plumbing issues promptly. Inspecting and maintaining water heaters can also help to ensure your tenants have reliable hot water throughout the summer months. 

Tenant education is essential here, too. Remind them about best practices for water conservation and what to do if they identify a potential plumbing problem. 

Budgeting for Summer Maintenance

As you’re planning your summer maintenance tasks, it’s also important to factor in the costs. Allocate funds for routine tasks as well as potential unexpected repairs. 

Consider long-term investments for energy efficiency, like installing energy-efficient appliances or windows, which could save you money down the line. And remember, always obtain multiple quotes for major repairs or renovations to ensure you get the best value. 

Tenant Communication and Education

Establishing open lines of communication with your tenants is key for successful rental property maintenance. A summer maintenance checklist can help tenants understand their role in maintaining their living space. Remind them of their responsibilities and encourage them to report issues promptly. 


As we’ve highlighted, proactive summer maintenance is essential for any landlord or property management team. It not only keeps your rental property in good condition and your tenants content, but it also lessens the need for expensive future repairs and problems. 

At SLT Properties, we recognize the value of routine maintenance, particularly during the summer months. We’re here to assist with taking care of all these duties so you can enjoy the advantages of owning a rental home without the strain of active management.

Contact SLT Properties immediately if you’re seeking a qualified crew to handle your property management requirements this summer or if you want to learn more about Greensboro, North Carolina, rental houses