Qualities to Look for in A Commercial Property Manager in Greensboro
Posted on June 14, 2016 by slt in Property Management Company

Greensboro is a city of tremendous business opportunity. Companies are setting up shop all the time and offering products and services in the marketplace. If you have a growing business, you want to concentrate on core matters. You do not have the time to take care of the maintenance of the property and so you hire a property manager. Here are some things you should look for as you search for the right person.

Commercial Property Manager

1. A Commitment to Professionalism. A commercial property manager has to show that he or she will handle all activity in a way that prevents problems from happening, while correcting some difficulties which may arise. It must be clear that top performance is expected out of all of the subordinate staff. Appearance and demeanor counts, particularly if the manager has to deal with tenants who are doctors or lawyers. Somebody who is just down-home friendly is not sufficient.

2. A Working Knowledge of Commercial Property. You want to have somebody who not only knows how to take care of operations but also prepare financial reports. A property manager has to be able to explain to the owners why certain expenses are occurring. This individual also should be able to make recommendations that will add value to the property. A final point is that the property manager has to have a working understanding of the law. The ability to keep the building up to code is the kind of skill set you certainly do want to see.

3. A High Level of Organizational Skills. Commercial property will have more than one tenant. Things are usually hectic, and the commercial property manager has to juggle a lot of balls. The capability of maintaining order in chaotic situations is something that a good commercial property manager possess.

4. Excellent People Skills. A commercial property manager has to be a hard worker but also have considerable diplomatic skills. He or she is going to be dealing with all types of people and must be able to relate to any one of them. Someone who spends all of the time in the office may not have the kind of traits you need to run the building.

5. Superior Communication. This is not just being able to write emails. The property manager must be able to verbally communicate problems or situations. Communication skill also means listening. Any property manager who is not able to listen to tenants or the owner is not going to do very well. While there are many duties in running a building, many of these involve interrelating with people. You have to find someone who is capable of doing that.

6. Understanding Green Efficiency. This is not traditional property management but it is becoming increasingly more important. As a building owner, you want to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible on the environment. This doesn’t just show a commitment to the community but also the desire to have energy efficient HVAC systems, and building features which will conserve energy to keep utility bills under control. A good commercial property manager can give some examples of how this was achieved in earlier assignments.

7. Attention to Detail. Even in atmosphere of constant change the property manager has to be able to focus on the small things. Being aware of details sees to it that costs are kept at acceptable levels. It is a trait that is strongly desired in any property manager.

Property Manager Showing Property

The importance or value of this position should never be underestimated. A good property manager will see to it that the building maintains its value and use for quite some time. What you might want to consider is having the help of professional recruiters to find the right person. These people can review all of the resumes and conduct the screening interviews that are needed. You then have the task of interviewing the final candidates that made it through weeding out process. It is understood professional recruiters will charge a fee for their services. Nevertheless, the long-term benefits of choosing the right person are considered, those costs are certainly worthwhile.

The right manager is going to help attract the kind of tenants you would like to see. The management of the building is a top priority and care must be taken selecting the person who will be in charge. Do not rush with the selection. What is done in haste may have to be paid for in leisure at an unacceptably high price.