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Where To Find Commercial Property Greensboro NC?

At SLT Properties, LLC you can find beautiful commercial properties in Greensboro and the rest of the Triad area. If you have just purchased a new commercial property for rent Greensboro, NC or have been in the business for a long time, SLT Properties is able to help. We can answer all of your questions about commercial property for lease in Greensboro NC, rent, marketing, risk management, and more.

SLT Properties is the best choice for commercial property management in Greensboro, NC. We understand that a property is only successful when it has the right tenants in place and is managed by a team that is experienced and responsive. At SLT Properties, we specialize in getting the right occupants in place. We strive to provide the renters of commercial properties with the highest level of service. This keeps tenants happy and properties occupied and profitable. If you are a tenant or a potential tenant looking for a commercial space, we welcome you to contact us today and we will find the perfect location for your business.

Conversely, property owners can enjoy a fully hands-off experience. Your rental property can become passive income when you work with SLT Properties. We have been serving the area with specialized commercial property services since our inception.

Commercial Property Greensboro NC

What We Offer Commercial Property Owners in Greensboro, NC

Our team of rental agents oversees and handles the daily operations involving North Carolina commercial real estate investing and management. At SLT Properties, we like to go above and beyond for our clients, including:

Setting and Collecting Rent: We know exactly how to price your properties. Our goal is to get you the most money while lowering vacancy rates as much as possible. SLT Properties also collects rent for you so that you do not have to contact the tenant every month.

Adjusting Prices: If the property is not renting, it may be an issue with the rental rate of the property. Because we know the area so well, and which market prices are best for different areas, we adjust the cost of rent as necessary.

Finding and Screening Tenants: We market your property for you. You don’t have to worry about getting a qualified tenant because one of our specialties is our ability to find tenants for your commercial investments in the Triad area. Through our detailed screening process, we make sure the individual who will rent your property is qualified and trustworthy.

Day-to-Day Operations: We handle all signing and drafting of leases. We set the length of the lease, determine the security deposit, and ensure all provisions are included to protect the owner. From occupant complaints, regular maintenance, to emergencies and more – your commercial property manager will deal with all communications with the tenant in every situation.

Moving Dates and Evictions: SLT Properties helps tenants transition seamlessly in and out of properties. We inspect your commercial rentals, determine damages, and decide how much security deposit will be returned. Then we are responsible for cleaning the unit, repairs, and finding new tenants. One of the hardest parts of the business, unfortunately, is knowing when an occupant needs to be evicted. As a professional property management company, we know how to file and move an eviction forward when a tenant breaches their lease.

Maintenance and Repairs: With our repair and maintenance program, you set a budget for commercial rentals. With this method, SLT Properties handles all maintenance and repairs for your property without needing to interrupt your day. We work with a large network of repairmen due to our time and experience in the field.

Legal Issues: Property laws and regulations can be difficult to deal with. This is a common part of being a commercial property owner. Our professional staff understands how to keep your property in compliance with all every regulation in the area, so there is no need for you to follow these laws closely.

Services For Tenants

Working throughout North Carolina, SLT Properties strives to be your first choice by offering exceptional customer service and professional management for commercial investments in the Triad area.

SLT Properties also works well with tenants, too. Part of our business model ensures tenants are just as happy as our property owners. By providing occupants with exceptional service, we protect our client’s properties and investments. As a tenant, you will find the highest levels of service from our company. From full maintenance and repair services to professional property management offerings such as 24-hour communication and dedicated managers – we strive to keep every tenant thrilled with the property they choose to rent.

Comprehensive Commercial Property Management Services

Working with commercial property management companies has never been easier. Licensed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, we are confident that we can find qualified tenants for your property who are willing to pay top dollar for your space. We take pride in handling every aspect of renting your property from beginning to end. When SLT Properties says full-service commercial management, we mean it.

If you are looking for community property management in the Triad area, you have come to the right place. As the best choice in Greensboro, SLT Properties provide award-winning services to owners and tenants alike. Our experienced staff is continually on call and responsive to the needs of all involved. Contact us for an opportunity to speak with one of our management experts. See what we can do to make owning a commercial location profitable and enjoyable. SLT Properties, LLC, the most trusted managers for commercial property, Greensboro has to offer.

Give us a call today for your peace of mind tomorrow: 336-291-0254.