Owner Information


We will market your property using signs, the internet and print media. We don’t use signs from a local hardware or home center. We display a professional sign that attracts more quality tenants. We are also members of the MLS service and we will market your property through that and other internet sources. Although these two sources have shown to bring in the bulk of prospective tenants we will also use print media as needed.

Tenant Screening

We will check prospective tenants before signing a lease or accepting them as a tenant. We thoroughly check each adult not only to determine if they are able to pay, but also to determine if they have a history of making payments on time. We check an applicant’s credit history, verify employment and references. We are an equal housing opportunity provider and we will not discriminate.

Rental Agreement

We supply and take care of the lease documents and the lease process. This not only includes the rental contract, but also the lead paint requirement (including the“Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home” pamphlet), move-in inspection and maintenance addendum. Our aim is to have satisfied, long term tenants.

Trust Account

All money collected is deposited into and distributed from a trust account. The account is managed as required under the NC Tenant Security Deposit Act

Rent Collection

We collect rent each month when it is due, deposit the gross rent into a trust account then pay obligations on behalf of the owner. The net amount is then sent to the owner each month.


We will take care of all maintenance and repair issues the tenants may have. A dollar limit can be set for repairs before an owner is contacted for approval. This way minor repairs are taken care of automatically and larger ones can be reviewed by the the owner.

Monthly Statements

Each month property owners will receive a statement showing all collections and distributions for each property. This statement will show all financial activity for the current month as well as year to date values.