How To Make Your Rental Property Stand Out
Posted on December 31, 2021 by slt in Rental Property Management

How to Make Your Rental Property Stand Out

Figuring out how to make your rental property stand out isn’t always easy. But, we understand how a continuously rented property is a great way to make passive income, and even a single vacancy can eat up your funds. To avoid this, finding ways to upgrade, update, or increase the attractiveness of your rental unit is critically important. 

Though you can’t stop renters from relocating if they need to, there are a few ways to make your rental property an attractive place to live. Below, we’ve listed some general tips to follow when seeking to update your rental.

Rental Property Upgrades

Every day the rental house is vacant, you’re losing potential lease income. So knowing how to make your rental property more attractive can directly impact your own standard of living.

Here are some of the best upgrades for a rental property that can help make your place stand out:

  • New Appliances

Believe it or not, appliances are one of the first things renters look for after entering their potential new homes. Sometimes, it’s as crucial as the area.

Old, mismatched, and barely appliances won’t get the house the value it deserves. In fact, with faulty appliances, you’ll end up making lots of maintenance and repair calls. Not to mention, the recurring fixes may cost you an arm and a leg.

However, investing in new, high-quality appliances will help you and your tenants save enough money on electricity bills and provide a feel-good vibe in the house. For example, if your home is established with dryer/washer connections, add a new premium set to enhance the overall value of the rental property.

  • New Light Fixtures/Ceiling Fans

Homeowners should invest in high-quality new light fixtures, upgrade kitchen and bathroom faucets, and add the latest ceiling fans to give their rental properties a more refined look.

Also, providing new fixtures like lighting and ceiling fans, can help you to build a healthy relationship with the tenant. Finally, while competing in the active rental property market, your rented house will stand out immensely.

  • Tvs In Most Rooms

Another upgrade that you can add to the property to make potential renters wow is placing TVs in most rooms. Wondering which TV to go for in the house?

Choose mounted TVs as they take less space, are simple to hide using a canvas or some art, and provide a clear picture. Make sure to add smart and energy-efficient TVs so they won’t affect your or renters’ budget while providing the much-needed entertainment.

  • More Closet Space

Do you know that potential renters often look at the home storage when they visit the house? They will open all cabinets and doors to get a precise idea of the storage space available. Remember, for most people, lack of closet space is a deal-breaker.

So, go through the property carefully and check where you could upgrade or add more storage space. For example, consider adding extra shelving or cupboards and upgrading storage space using tailor-made organizational units.

In short, wherever closet space seems feasible, add it. You can easily add more closet space to the house without breaking the bank.

Interior Design Rental Property

Dedicating some resources to the interior design of your rental property can help you get fantastic offers. Revamping the design even slightly can work wonders for new tenants. For example, adding new carpeting and a vibrant coat of paint to the interior will leave your house feeling new and fresh.

Making a few minor upgrades to your home’s interior, like replacing old door knobs, cabinet handles, or faucet heads, will give tenants an impression that the rental property is up-to-date and clean.

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