Why Should You Get A Property Manager?
Posted on April 27, 2018 by slt in Property Management Company

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6 Reasons To Hire A Property Manager

A property manager is a versatile solution to many problems that would commonly plague a property owner, and SLT Properties can provide customers with quality property management Greensboro, NC residents can trust! Owning and managing property isn’t easy. Owners must adhere to rigorous guidelines and legal rules that render property management a difficult and time-consuming activity for those usually accustomed to hands-off investing. We don’t want our clients worrying about their properties, and so we take care of everything from screening potential tenants to providing customers insightful knowledge of property regulations and licenses. Investors looking in the Greensboro area can rely on SLT to offer premier triad property management. The following are just a few ways SLT Property Management can help:

1. Tenant Screening: SLT will check a prospective tenant’s credit history, employment status, and references to deliver our client’s high-quality tenants. Our goal is to provide as many reliable and trusting tenants as possible.

2. Rental Agreements: SLT supplies and manages all tenant agreements and contracts, including all requirements, move-in inspections, and maintenance addendums related to Greensboro NC rental homes and properties

3. Trust Account: All tenant payments are collected and deposited into trust accounts, managed according to the NC Tenant Security Deposit Act. Our clients won’t need to worry about their profits!

4. Rent Collection: SLT will make sure rent is collected each month from all tenants and is properly distributed into the correct trust accounts. SLT will also pay any obligations on the owner’s behalf and then send the net profit to the client

 5. Maintenance/Repairs: All tenant maintenance and repair requests will be processed, managed and delegated by SLT. Dollar limits can be set by owners before their approval is required to make any repairs, thereby allowing minor maintenance to be carried out automatically   

6. Legal Knowledge: SLT provides clients with a trusted source of knowledge regarding property ownership laws not only for local levels but for state and federal levels as well. We make sure all buildings are up to code and that your licenses haven’t expired.

SLT can offer these management services for both residential and commercial property. Greensboro, NC customers will receive everything mentioned above, in addition to marketing strategies, financial reporting, and eviction process handling! Property investors looking in the greater Greensboro triad area can expect direct, hands-on, and personable management from SLT. So, check out our website today for more information and experience our premier real estate property management.