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Residential Property Management

SLT Properties specializes in residential and multi-unit rental property management. Our property management experience in the Greensboro area makes us the best choice to keep your rental properties profitable and well maintained, with secure and trusted tenants.

Maintaining a good relationship with our property owners and their tenants is key to increasing revenue for the owners while making sure the tenants of the single family or multi-unit properties are taken care of and enjoy their rental experience with SLT Properties.

Our maintenance program makes keeping your property in great shape even easier by allowing you to set a working budget for repairs or maintenance so we can make those repairs as needed without the hassle of constant phone calls. For the tenant, that means faster repairs and a better renting experience.

Give us a call today to see how SLT Properties can help you manage your properties throughout the Greensboro area, or how we can help you find your own rental property. Our experts are here to help.